22nd February 2016

IP Services

Decisis provides specialist services in the following areas of business law:

Intellectual Property (IP) – Trade Marks (brands) and related rights, designs, copyright, confidential information, the enforcement of and exploitation of Intellectual Property (this will include for example the various types of licensing for intellectual property, sponsorship agreements etc.).

E-commerce and the internet – the myriad of issues that can arise in conducting business using these technologies, including IP rights, contractual questions, domain names, torts such as defamation, regulatory issues such as Data Protection, the effects of the E-commerce Directive, the legal position of ISP’s, jurisdictional questions, and other matters affecting the contents of websites.

Media – This category represents a collection of industries which in many ways rely on and exploit a combination of the different rights, methods and issues mentioned above, and can encompass advertising and entertainment. For example sports, as a form of entertainment, will rely on the use of contracts which are likely to govern the use of different IP rights such as Trade Marks and copyright.

More about Decisis 
IP Rights are important and powerful commercial tools, and essential assets in today’s business environment, but they can only fully reach their potential with the help of a firm able to understand the business aims of the owner. Founded and run by a Lawyer with over twenty years’ experience in IP, Decisis is able to rely on its independence and integrity in pursuing those imperatives. View our people page.

Decisis adopts an intelligent and commonsense approach in the delivery of IP legal services, offering a high level of integration and efficiency, and significant cost benefits to the client. Decisis places an emphasis on flexibility and the benefits of providing a personal service to its clients and to deliver, wherever possible, solutions to those clients’ IP issues.